Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority
vidéo SD
10 min. 57 s.

The pandemic sadly scuttled pseudo-legendary Montréal avant-rock band Fly Pan Am’s first tour in 15 years. But during lockdown the band has been trading files at a distance, including experiments with remixes of the Frontera live soundtrack recordings. Their Corona Borealis track “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority” is the first fruit of these efforts and a first for Fly Pan Am in terms of process: each chronological section of the track is a solo work by each individual member, remixed in isolation, then stitched together in mostly linear fashion. 

The social and the mirror is so obvious, being and rediscovering the omnipresent objection of the recovered tendency to the exteriority by a hard, fast object in exteriority. (Re)gaining in self is being personal on temperature differences. Although some aspects of the recovering in exteriority are delineated to a loss of personal autonomy and valorization into pieces.

musique : Fly Pan Am
vidéo : Charline Dally

commissionné par Constellation records pour la série Corona Borealis Longplay Singles (Montréal)